Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weird and Wonderful World

Many of you know that due to a death in our family, we had to cut hours during the spring and summer, and the new blog we had just started, was sadly neglected. What many of  you probably don't know is that during the time we were dealing with family matters, our business doubled in size. We want to thank everyone we've been working with for your understanding and patience. But the good news is that we finally caught up on our backlog of work after getting three new books out just this past month. Bigfoot Blues, Bigfoot Confidential, and Blue Roan Colt. During this time we also published two anthologies for groups that we support; OWL published it's 8th volume of Echoes of the Ozarks, and Saturday Writers just this week published their sixth volume of Cuivre River Anthology. These five books will be in your bookstores and online soon. You can check our website for more information on these books, and any of our other 65 titles.  

There is more good news. We now have six editors on staff, and each one is working on what is sure to be a best seller. Recently, we accepted an intern who will help with everything from posting on our two blogs, to proofreading and design input. She's a brilliant young student of Dr. Susan Swartwout's, professor and university press editor at Southeast Missouri State. We'll be introducing her soon and she'll start work after the first of the year.

Thank you all!
Lou Turner

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