Saturday, November 3, 2012

News From High Hill Press

Okay folks, we've finally pulled ourselves into the 21st century and have a new website. We hired a design company called 2 Rivers Communications and they've done a great job of connecting us to the world. Our authors are listed on the site, along with their books and we have links to everything. I've had several people write to me lately about submission guidelines. They are on the site too. Please check them. out. High Hill Press And make sure to check out the editor's page and send your query to the correct editor. If you can't see an editor that would work for you, send a query directly to  High Hill . Remember, never send your entire manuscript unless you're asked for it. To query us, send a brief letter explaining what your book is about, its genre, its length, and a short bio of you. If you have an exciting marketing plan, send that too.

We're also planning to keep our blog updated and do interviews and live blog tours with our authors and editors. We have some exciting books coming out in the next few months so make sure and follow us.

The Abduction of
Jacob Rote
by Ronda Hassig

Bigfoot Blues
by Pamela Foster

Blue Roan Colt
by Dusty Richards

A collection of
bigfoot stories.