Sunday, September 11, 2016

High Hill Press Has Been on the Road!

High Hill Press

This High Hill Blog is back from its vacation! For the last two years we have been traveling the country in a fifth wheel trailer. This was partly brought about because we were dividing our time between St. Charles, MO, and Lexington, KY and I hate hotels. But while it was a convenience to pull our house behind us, we found that it was also fun. Almost instantly we made an astonishing discovery--a lot of people do this type of living full time. People our age, people who have retired from great jobs, have taken to the road to see this beautiful country and all it has to offer. So we are seriously thinking of selling our big house and moving in to our trailer for a couple of years while we travel from coast to coast. In other words, we're taking this show on the road. But in order to do that I had to make a promise to myself, and that's to get back in to the Blog and Facebook world. I'm also thinking it will be a great way to help our authors market their books. So far I've gotten High Hill books on the shelves of 21 Independent Bookstores and Libraries from Monterey to Lexington just by walking in the door and introducing myself. This year we plan to spend the winter in Florida and we will be visiting bookstores and libraries there. So while we're doing this we're also starting a whole new marketing program we're calling Writers on the Run. You don't have to be a High Hill author to take advantage of this program. For more information write to us at 

The picture on the left is one of the eight bookshelves in my bricks and sticks house. (I love the gypsy lingo.) I'm trading it for this beautiful entertainment center in our trailer. Not a bad trade, except that I now own over 4,000 volumes.  Anyone need a good book?

But here is the biggest plus. Below is a snapshot of our backyard last winter.
I hate snow! Sure, it's pretty, but only for a little while. Then it's just cold.
The other picture is of the sunset off the coast near Monterey, CA. This was taken just outside the back door of our trailer. But I have to admit, it did get cold that night...we actually had to start the fireplace. Yeap, that's right, we have a fireplace in our fifth wheel. 

Watch this page for more information about taking High Hill Press on the Road. We're also planning a magazine that will feature writers from across the country and what they do in their area to get the word out about their books. Our Writers on the Run events will be advertised here too. We have a week long Writers on the Run event being organized now for next June in Kansas City, MO. If you're interested in joining us just write and let us know.