New Releases From High Hill Press

All of these new titles published by High Hill Press are now available in bookstores and online book sites. Enjoy!

The West the way it really was.
Read about the life and times of the man who created the famous End of the Trail.
Finally, Cactus Country IV
A great read for the young or old.
You'll cry for Ivy and the young girl who rescues her.
These Young Adult Fantasy stories are perfect for any reader who loves
to dream.
This one is a page turner. New writer Scott Amsbaugh is like the
western writers we grew up with. He knows how to spin a tale.
The first anthology in this series was titled Rough Country.
Showdown has continued with the tradition of
featuring the country's best western voices.
Tom Eaton is a wonderful writer.
This is an amazing first book. Read his
stories about the Wyoming people who
populate Mission County.
A collection of stories by
members of Ozarks Writers League.

A collection of the past year's
award winning stories
and poetry by Saturday
Writers, a chapter of the
Missouri Writers Guild.

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