Tuesday, January 5, 2016

L.D. Whitaker

Several years ago, L. D. Whitaker, or Lonnie as he is now called by all at High Hill, contacted me about his novel, Geese to a Poor Market. Lonnie was one of our first publications, and boy did we learn a lot about publishing, editing, cover design, marketing...you name it, and we learned it the hard way. But in the end, both Lonnie and High Hill are proud of what we accomplished. Lonnie for writing such a wonderful novel, and the folks at High Hill for putting together a great book. Recently we decided to reissue this intriguing tale of humor, tragedy, small town secrets, and Ozark legend. Lonnie's characters are people who have lived in the heads of readers throughout the country. He's even gotten fan letters. We wanted to launch the new publication of Geese by offering a 99 cent Kindle version for a little while. What we hope is that we might lure a fan from the first publication of Geese, or perhaps make a new fan who wants to read the book on Kindle. But no matter what category you fall into, why not start 2016 out right by following the Geese. Read the wonderful reviews, then let us know what you think. Have a great year everyone, and make sure to support your local bookstore...and while you're doing it, you'll be supporting your local writer.

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