Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Family Secrets and Maternal Ties that Bind

Maternal Threads by Frances Susanne Brown is a fascinating memoir that reveals one woman’s quest for an answer to the most basic question: Who am I?

Growing up shy, self-conscious, and lacking self-confidence, Frances feels something is missing from her life. When Frances inquires about her mother’s side of the family, her mother claims that her own mother passed away when she was twelve, and her father died when she was an infant. The family story is that Frances' mother was raised by her older half-sister, Charlotte. Yet, Aunt Charlotte is so completely opposite in personality from her mom that it seems unconceivable the two are related.

After her mother's death, Frances feels compelled to discover the truth about her ancestry. With her mother, Aunt Charlotte, and other maternal family members gone, Brown turns to written documents. Adding to the mystery, her research of birth and baptismal certificates reveals some dates, names, and spellings don't match. Refusing to give up, Frances continues her quest, which takes her to New York during the Roaring Twenties, where her aunt Charlotte came of age amid a time of flappers, Prohibition, and speakeasies.

Maternal Threads by Frances Susanne Brown is a compelling story of a daughter's search for the truth about maternal heritage amid an atmosphere of long-held family secrets.

Maternal Threads is available in trade paperback for $15.95 and can be purchased through the link below.

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