Sunday, October 27, 2013

Neat Picture

I was searching through my picture files and I ran across this wonderful shot that I'd forgotten about. Don't know who took it, so sorry about not giving you credit, but it was from the Hillbilly Formal banquet for OWL a couple of years ago. Mary Horner and her husband are the couple on the left, and myself and Delois McGrew are the odd pair on the right. What a night we had. Delois was president the year this picture was taken. I was her VP. The banquet was a success. And I believe that Delois is wearing the infamous "red cowboy" boots. This is the one and only night she wore them...and they hurt her feet...perfect justice. She tried to outbid me at the May auction the spring before. She won, her feet were too big, the rest is history. The boots now rest on my shelf by my desk for inspiration when trying my best to write a western story.
I know this has nothing to do with writing, except for the fact that the picture was taken at an Ozarks Writers League event, but I think I'll hunt through my picture files every few days so I can dance down memory lane more often.

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  1. I was there but don't think I took this pic. Y'all look lovely.