Monday, April 8, 2013

Nick Nixon

Several years ago a troubadour named Nick Nixon walked into a critique group I belong to and read a story he'd written. From the first word, I knew I was in the presence of a brilliant writer. A writer who could put words on the  paper that would make the reader see his world in Technicolor. Nick had a terrific career in the country music industry and wrote and sang songs that made the top ten. Nick's voice is amazing, both in his singing and in his stories. He sets the scene and wallops you with the power of his words.
Nick and I soon developed a friendship, and I learned he was writing his memoirs. I offered to help him get the book published, because I knew his name would help sell it. The editors and agents I talked to from commercial publishing houses told us that Nick's book had to be 75% music years and 25 about his life growing up. But it soon became obvious that Nick needed to get those growing up years onto paper before he went on. What High Hill Press decided to do was publish a shorter book using stories about his younger years as well as a few fiction pieces and essays he wrote. It's a collection that will catch you from the very first page and hold on to you till the last word.
When I was a teen I listened to the Beatles and The Rolling Stones...mostly to make my parents mad because they thought rock and roll was sent directly from the devil to lure all us teenagers down the path of sin and debauchery. How I wish I'd listened to country music back then so I could have known about Nick Nixon and his way with words earlier.
For those who know Nick, you know he's had some health problems lately and we've been selling books to help him with his towering medical bills. All the profits from the sale of Nick's book go directly to Nick. So please pick up a copy of Dreams Worked Magic today. We had a book out in October by the same title, but we've added five new stories to this one. Plus there's a neat blurb on the back cover from famous western writer, Dusty Richards. Go to our website and click on the Paypal button to order your copy of Dreams Worked Magic.

If you live in the St. Louis area, or even if you don't, you won't want to miss the concert being given in honor of Nick on April 21st. I've pasted the flyer below.
Check out Nick's music on YouTube.
Here is a link and you can find more videos right along with this one. Have fun listening to some of the best country music you'll ever hear Nick Nixon 

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  1. Nick is one of the best storytellers of our age. I've listened to him read his memories and have felt my heart break along with the heart of the boy behind the words. Then there are stories that bring tears of laughter at the shenanigans and goings on of that same guy. Nick has a lot to tell in his gentle way, and I want to hear it all.