Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey, Dusty Richards Saw Bigfoot!

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Say, I work around High Hill Press on the cowboy side, over at Cactus Country, and that's where I usually stay. But recently my wife Pat told me about a book from High Hill.  She said it's one of the neatest books she'd read in a long time. The books is Bigfoot Confidential: Finally the Truth Revealed and is a collection of short stories, both real and fiction, about encounters with Bigfoot. Pat said she laughed until she cried and I agree with her, it's hilarious.  The collection is sort of like a companion piece to Pam Foster's great novel, Bigfoot Blues.

Down here in Arkansas, folks take Bigfoot real serious. They call him the Foulk Monster. Well, back when a bunch of sightings were being reported in a town by the same name near Texarkana, there was one special sighting that made the news. A guy walked out of his hotel room and saw the monster getting a drink out of the swimming pool. The man had a heart attack and died. Later, three teenage boys apologized; it had been one of them in a gorilla suit. That isn't in the book, but there are other stories, some funny, some a little spooky if you ask me. Read Bigfoot Confidential, and make sure and pick up a copy of Bigfoot Blues. You won't be sorry.
Dusty Richards, author of Blue Roan Colt.

Bigfoot Encounters

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