Thursday, April 5, 2012

Find Bigfoot

High Hill Press is excited about a new book from Pamela Foster, author of Redneck Goddess, published in 2011. Pamela has again written a masterpiece.

Instead of Georgia, Bigfoot Blues is set in the mysterious Northwest, where everyone has an opinion about the hairy man of the forest. Publication is set for the summer of 2012 but before then we're going to have some fun. We have two contests planned for the release of the book. One allows you to go on your own Bigfoot hunt. On our Advanced Reader Copy, we have hidden five Bigfoots in the forest. Be one of the first ten people to find them, and you'll receive an autographed copy of Bigfoot Blues. And very soon we'll announce the guidelines for an anthology that we plan to release along with Ms Foster's book. Bigfoot Blues Confidential: The Truth Revealed will showcase both fiction and non-fiction stories. Watch this site for more details. But right now start your own Bigfoot hunt. Find the five hairy beasts lurking in the forest on the cover of Bigfoot Blues. Just print a copy of the cover, circle the Bigfoot lurking there, and send them to High Hill Press  2731 Cumberland Landing  St. Charles, MO  63303. And leave us a comment or two. Have you had your own encounter with Bigfoot. I have, and I'll post that story here soon.

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  1. The cover looks great. Pam has such a unique voice; this novel is sure to be a hit.